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Related article: Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2008 22:15:21 +0100
From: james long
Subject: Father & Son PlayFATHER & SON PLAY: - PART 1WARNING: - ADULT CONTENTWhen I was younger I idolized my father & would follow him every where. He
could do no wrong in my eyes. As I grew up we used to shower together at
bedtime. This went on until I got a little older and started showering by
myself.As the years went by and I reached puberty I became curious to all things
sexual. I began entering the bathroom when my father was in the shower or
bath just to get a look at him, taking sneaky looks at his body as I went
about my business. I noticed how fit he was. He was a smooth man with a
neatly trimmed pubic area. I would notice how his cock would grow as he
would towel himself dry. This had an arousing affect on me that would send
tingles through my own cock, often ending with me having a play with it.
Hours would be spent with me day dreaming about him.We still spent most of our free time together on some project or another,
with me close by his side. I knew then that I wanted to take things
further. Things began with me walking in on him while he dried himself, I
would be naked ready to take a shower, stepping into the shower and soaping
myself up while he was in the room. Hoping he was looking. My own cock
would spring to life behind the soap covered glass. As he left the room I
would pull my foreskin wildly, my cock straining until I would explode over
the glass panel. This went on for a few weeks until I came up with a plan.I knew I would have to step up a gear to have nude loli angels pics any hope of getting my
fathers attention, so one evening while he was taking a shower I undressed
in my room & nn bbs preteen lolita headed towards the bathroom. On entering I noticed he was
still in the shower. I said sorry to him saying I thought he had
finished. I sat down on the WC to wait for him to step out. As I sat there
watching him soap his muscular body I felt the familiar stirrings of my
cock expanding between my legs, moving my hands to cover my now stiff
swollen cock from view. I pretended to read a book that had been left,
glancing every now & then at him. Out of the corner of my eyes I watched
him soap up his cock pulling back the foreskin to expose the bright purple
head. His cock was growing as he continued to wash. This sent a rush of
blood to my own cock making it strain even more, pre-cum was visible on the
tip.So there I was with the best hard on I have ever had sat on the Wc watching
my father. He rinsed off the soap and began to step onto the bath mat,
telling me to carry on. He turned around to reach for a towel seeing my
chance to hide my erect cock from him I moved into the enclosure; just as I
was about to step in he turned around bending at the same time to retrieve
the flannel from the floor, his head was now level with my twitching
cock. He looked at my cock then looked up into my face; his mouth then
opened engulfing my whole cock, wow I nearly shot my load right then. His
head moving in rhythm up & down my small shaft, his tongue moving over the
head. I held onto the cubicle to keep my balance, my knees trembling, his
hands holding onto my ass cheeks as he pulled me further into his
mouth. Building up, I lost all control and shot my juice into his mouth.When he stood up I could see his own cock was now rock hard, proudly
sticking out. It was about 8inch, uncut. I moved over to him and wrapped my
hands around it, pulling the skin over the shaft, feeling it twitch in my
hand. It was hot to touch with a shiny head.I could feel him rocking in time with my hand movement.He gentle put his hand on my head to push it towards his pre-cum covered
cock; my head was level with this huge cock. I let my tongue out to taste
it, licking over the head tasting cum. The taste made my cock start to come
back to life. I opened my mouth as far as I could to take his cock into
me. He guided it in my mouth getting just past the head before I could take
no more, I closed my lips around the shaft gentle moving my head, copying
what he had done. I could now smell & taste him, I was in heaven. I could
feel ever vein of his pulsating cock with portal lolitas little lupe my hands wrapped around it.I could feel him holding my head tighter moving me over his cock; he
exploded into my mouth nearly chocking me. Holding me tight & still,
filling me up. I tried to swallow as much as I could, dribbles ran down my
chin. He let go of me and pulled his cock from my willing mouth. I was in a
dream real lolita video bbs world not believing what had happened, better than any plan I had in
mind. He wiped his cock and left the room leaving me to clean up. This was
the start of our times together.To be continued ...Please let me know what you think. If you like I will continue with part 2.Email :-
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